Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Sarah Gill, and I’m a photographer, artist, and creator. This is my first post, so please have patience with me as I learn and grow!

I’ve lived in NC since I was 7 years old, and have had all kinds of adventures, interests, and experiences that have molded me into the person I am today. Starting at probably 8 years old when my parents got me a compact point-and-shoot camera, I loved taking gazillions of photos of anything and everything. Then when the memory card was full, and filling up all my parents’ memory space on their computer to make room for even more! It’s funny looking back at those now….blurry, out of focus, of the most random things…..but to me they were treasures and beautiful and absolutely NOT worth throwing away…..

Of course, I grew, matured, and became a self-taught artist and photographer. I was always eagerly getting every money shot, and drawing or painting all I saw in journals or on scrap paper. Even jumping at any free mini course and webinar offered to soak up all the knowledge possible. Eventually, I slowly learned what I liked and didn’t, ways to be efficient, how to better interact and direct people, how to edit and create in my own style, etc….from that I developed a vision. I knew I wanted to use my God-given talents to benefit and inspire others! So…..I started Honey Magnolia Designs LLC, with lots of determination, sweat, and even tears (lol).

Now my mission is to work with others to bring to fruition their vision for how they want their stories forever frozen that really shows who they are. I love trying to recreate or capture the beauty that surrounds us, and that includes you!

What do I Offer?

The experience I do my best to provide to each client in a few words are fun, exciting, and unique. I want the process to not be something people dread or dislike. My job is to help YOU shine through and loosen up and make the actual doing of the shoot to be a memory that you love and cherish!

As you’re photographer, I will do my best to help make you comfortable and guide as we do the shoot. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a “natural,” because You will be by the time we’re done, and most likely more confident in who you are!

What is My Style?

That is a good question, and a very important one when choosing who you’re including in the telling of your story. I’d say my style is genuine, creative, classic, colorful, playful, and even sometimes a bit on the dramatic side. It is in- the-moment and curated to the people who I am photographing.